Edward Scissorhands (1990); dir. by Tim Burton


you know how when you go to a concert or show of some sort and the person on stage is like “HOW’S EVERYONE DOING TONIGHT?!?!?!?!” and the audience cheers back? why? you’re not answering the question, you’re just yelling. imagine if we did that in daily conversation. “hey jeff, how are ya?” and jeff just starts screaming and clapping in your face


the entire game


the entire game


Cat: *whiny meow*

Me: *imitates sarcastically*


But if YOU’RE bi and I’M bi, then WHO’S DRIVING THE CAR?

Day 3 & 4 Combo because I’m lazy as fuck

Tachibana Makoto (CV. Suzuki Tatsuhisa) - Makoto- Good Morning
49,482 plays

good morning,
eh? you are still sleepy? 
No you can’t, we will be late again.
hm? 5 more mins?
not that again…
you said that and fell asleep yesterday and the day before.
its no use making those sound, its not gonna work today.
here, hurry up and change your clothes.
lets go together.


I’ve got to tell you
how I love you always
I think of it on grey
mornings with death

in my mouth the tea
is never hot enough
then and the cigarette
dry the maroon robe

chills me I need you
and look out the window
at the noiseless snow

At night on the dock
the buses glow like
clouds and I am lonely
thinking of flutes

I miss you always
when I go to the beach
the sand is wet with
tears that seem mine

the parking lot is crowded I stand
rattling my keys the car
is empty as a bicycle

what are you doing now
where did you eat your
lunch and were there
lots of anchovies in it

is difficult to think
of you without me in
the sentence you depress
me when you are alone

Last night the stars
were numerous and today
snow is their calling
card I’ll now be cordial

there is nothing that
distracts me music is
only a crossword puzzle
do you know how it is

when you are the only
passenger if there is a
place further from me
I beg you do not go

— Frank O’Hara

(via theravenslyre)



Sebastian Stan is such a nice actor, I’m so glad I got the chance to meet him

I am getting kind of bummed out by these pics from the set of The Bronze, because Sebastian’s outfit seems to scream “coach” more than “athlete”. And I kind of wondered based on the casting and ages if Haley Lu Richardson might make more sense as a “new young athlete”? But the industry person who supposedly read the script said the male roles were the dorky love interest with the facial twitch and the skeevy asshole gymnast.

Please be a gymnast, Sebastian. Do gymnastics in spandex. America needs you.


i love u


i love u